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Hindi Fortnight concludes at IIM Shillong

The Hindi Fortnight (Hindi Pakhwada) at IIM Shillong which is being regularly held annually, and organized in earnest every year was drawn to a close on 30 September, 2021. Gracing the prize distribution ceremony, Shri Nitin Sharma -Member, Board of Governors expressed satisfaction on the overall spirit of participation shown by students, faculty, officers & staff, while also congratulating the winners of various events during the prize distribution ceremony. Sharing on the scientific semblance and nature of the Hindi language, he urged the working staff of IIM Shillong to grasp the opportunity to learn and take advantage of the power of language which can assist in bettering one’s communication and general bonding skills, while also upholding the essence and importance of one’s mother tongue.

Prof DP Goyal applauded the initiative and encouraged each and every member of the fraternity to appreciate the diversity, beauty and power of language as a tool for nation building. Prof. Goyal also expressed his happiness to note that members of the fraternity could manage to participate enthusiastically in events despite the demanding rigour of work, while also acknowledging the presence of talent amongst the members of the Institute, which he said should be encouraged, nurtured, and showcased.

A range of competitive literary and extracurricular events such as Essay Writing, Extempore Speech, Noting and Drafting, Singing and Antakshri were organized to mark the celebrations.

भाप्रसं शिलाँग में हिंदी पखवाड़ा का समापन् समारोह

भाप्रसं शिलाँग में नियमित रूप से प्रत्येक वर्ष तहेदिल से आयोजित की जाने वाली हिंदी पखवाड़ा 30 सितंबर 2021 को समाप्त होकिया गया। पुरस्कार वितरण समारोह की शोभा बढ़ाते हुए, श्री नितिन शर्मा – सदस्य, शासी मंडल ने पुरस्कार वितरण समारोह के दौरान विभिन्न आयोजनों के विजेताओं को बधाई देते हुए छात्रों, शिक्षकों, अधिकारियों और कर्मचारियों द्वारा दिखाई गई भागीदारी की समग्र भावना पर संतुष्टि व्यक्त किया । हिंदी भाषा की वैज्ञानिक प्रवृत्ति और प्रकृति साझा करते हुए, उन्होंने भाप्रसं शिलाँग के कार्यरत कर्मचारियों से भाषा को सीखने के अवसर का लाभ उठाने और भाषा की शक्ति का लाभ उठाने का आग्रह किया, जो किसी के संचार और सामान्य संबंध कौशल को बेहतर बनाने में सहायता कर सकता है, साथ ही साथ मातृभाषा की प्रकृति और महत्व पर भी विचार व्यक्त किया। प्रो डी.पी गोयल ने इस पहल की सराहना की और संस्थान के प्रत्येक सदस्य को राष्ट्र निर्माण के लिए एक उपकरण के रूप में भाषा की विविधता, सुंदरता और शक्ति की सराहना करने के लिए प्रोत्साहित किया। प्रो. गोयल ने इस बात पर भी प्रसन्नता व्यक्त की कि कार्य के व्यस्तता के बावजूद संस्थान के सभी सदस्य उत्साहपूर्वक कार्यक्रमों में भाग ले पाये, और संस्थान के सदस्यों के बीच प्रतिभा की उपस्थिति को स्वीकार करते हुए, कहा कि इसे जिसे प्रोत्साहित, पोषित और प्रदर्शित किया जाना चाहिए। समारोह को चिह्नित करने के लिए निबंध लेखन, आशु भाषण, टिप्पण व आलेखन, गायन और अंताक्षरी जैसे प्रतिस्पर्धी साहित्यिक और पाठ्येतर कार्यक्रमों की एक श्रृंखला आयोजित की गई थी।

Online Training Programs/Workshop for Executives of central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and State Level Public Enterprise (SLPEs) for FY 2021-22 under RDC Scheme of Department of Public Enterprise

IIM Shillong conducts “Online Training Programs/Workshop for Executives of central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and State Level Public Enterprise (SLPEs) for FY 2021-22 under RDC Scheme of Department of Public Enterprise”.

A week long MDP on General Management Program, focusing on series of topics, is being organised by IIM Shillong for the Executives of central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and State Level Public Enterprise (SLPEs) for FY 2021-22 under RDC Scheme of Department of Public Enterprise” starting from 27th Sept to 1st Oct, 2021. The program has the participation of 47 officers who are joining (virtually) from across the country. The program coordinator Prof. Neelam Rani inaugurated the program along with Prof. Vibhas Amawate (Chairperson MDP ) and other faculty and staff of IIMS.

IIM Shillong conducts "General Management Program" for students from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM)

A week long MDP (on campus) on General Management Program, focusing on Management is being organized by IIM Shillong for the students from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM) starting from 16th to 22nd September, 2021.

The program has the participation of 6 Students who have travelled from New Delhi. The program coordinators Prof. Vishakha Bansal and Prof. Vibhas Amawate inaugurated the program in the presence of Prof. Gautam Nagi Associate Professor from LBSIM, faculty members, officers and staff from IIM Shillong.

Fit India Freedom Run 2.0

The pandemic has locked us out our houses and changed the entire landscape of how we interact with others. The entire nation started following social distancing in a ‘new normal’ lifestyle, so as to keep the imperative need of fitness active even while following the social distancing norms we the Sports Committee of IIM Shillong is working continuously to keep the participants Fit and Healthy. As the Sports Committee of IIM Shillong, we seek to ensure that participants keep a check on their health and fitness while pursuing a rigorous and demanding MBA degree. We wish to provide adequate opportunities to participants who are interested in sports and engage participants who have an interest in sports but due to some reasons have not really been able to play regularly.

On campus we conduct Kopda Cricket Cup, Bamboo Premier League (football tournament) and Legacy cup (which involves a mix of indoor and outdoor games) to encourage participants to give it their all, and most importantly have fun while staying fit.

As a part of National Sports Day, we have previously organized a run open to IIM Shillong students. We have also actively taken part in Fit India Freedom Run first edition where the participants have committed hours for improving on their fitness, which motivated many of this year’s participants too, to be part of this prestigious event of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, where Fit India Mission has is a driving force towards Fit India Freedom Run 2.0.

As a part of it on the eve Independence Day, many have showcased their interest by sending their fitness videos. We strongly desire to be the torch bearers to all the Management institutes in India in promoting fitness and not letting the pandemic impact their desire of being fit.

IIM Shillong organized Management Development Programme for Arunachal Pradesh Civil Service Probationers.

IIM Shillong organized a 7 days Management Development Program for the Arunachal Pradesh Civil Services Officers at IIM Shillong Umsawli Campus. The training module has been initiated through an MoU signed between Government of Arunachal Pradesh and IIM Shillong.

The courses were designed on topics like How to meet the Challenges that comes before a Civil servant, the constitution as the rule book of Governance, Understanding the systems thinking approach, importance of Finance as a tool for development, Ways in converting challenges to opportunities, Communication is the key, Understanding Project Management, Self and leadership, Understanding the Strategic Risk management etc.

Dr. D P Goyal Director IIM Shillong in his session spoke on Unleashing the power of technology for better Governance. He mentioned about Digital India Campaign and the technology innovations that can be used in providing service to the citizens.

Dr Sanjay K Panda, Former Secretary Textile Ministry, Government of India spoke on promoting traditional strengths to ensure sustainable development, whereas Dr D Vijay Kumar D, Commissioner and Secretary Tourism Department, Meghalaya addressed the session on Tourism: a sustainable way to ensure development.

Dr Kumar highlighted the key areas including the infrastructure development in the tourism sector that can attract Indian tourists. Understanding on limitless data and how to manage data through Visualization tools were discussed in the session. The influence on Societal development need assessment, monitoring and evaluation has also been discussed in order to meet the diversified cross cultural sections of Arunachal Pradesh having many tribes and societies.”

Altogether 52 Officers are attending the training program

The program was inaugurated by Mr Ranjan Chatterjee -Ex Chief Secretary, Government of Meghalaya, Prof.D.P.Goyal-Director IIM Shillong ,Prof.Vibhas Amawate – MDP Chairman along with the Program Director(s) Prof. Rohit Joshi and Prof Sanjeeb Kakoty from IIM Shillong .

The Seven days training program is being facilitated by in house faculty and Guest Experts/Faculty namely:

  • Shri M.S. Rao, IAS, Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Meghalaya and State Vigilance Commissioner.
  • Dr Ranjan Chatterjee, Retired from the Central Government in October 2012 as Secretary to the Government of India.
  • Dr. Sanjay K. Panda, Retired as Secretary, Textile Ministry, Government of India.
  • Dr. D Vijay Kumar, Commissioner and Secretary, Tourism Department, Government of Meghalaya.
  • Dr. Vijay Page, Retired as Chairman Managing Director of – Konkan Development Corporation, Govt. of Maharastra Undertaking.